Multipure is one of the oldest water filter companies, having started in 1970 and they are one of the leaders in water filter technology.

They have under the counter and counter top filters, a portable filter and a reverse osmosis filter system as well.

Multipure filter systems utilize stainless steel housings (except for the Aquadome which is an NSF approved plastic housing that does not leech chemicals into your water) and all of their filters have a LIFETIME warranty on the housings.

All of Multipure's systems use a carbon block filter system which you can read about here. The carbon block filtration method is considered the best system for most purposes.

Multipure's Lifetime warranty is a big plus as it means you should never have to buy another filter system to replace it, unless you choose to upgrade.

This and their 90 Day Money Back guarantee, along with NSF Certification makes Multipure the best quality water filter available. In fact the NSF Certifies that it reduces more contaminants than any other water NSF Certified carbon filter.

Multipure Pluses

  • Longevity (founded 1970)
  • A leader in carbon block water filter technology
  • Almost all of their filters are NSF Certified
  • The NSF certifies that they reduce the most contaminants of all  carbon block water filter systems
  • They provide Lifetime Warranties on their housings
  • They have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Their carbon block filter cartridges only need to be changed once per year
  • They are certified under the new NSF Standard 401 certification which means they are certified to reduce some pharmaceuticals from the water as well as the main contaminants listed under NSF Standard 53
  • They were chosen 2 years in a row as a "Best Buy" by the leading independent Consumer reporting magazine

Multipure Minuses

  • Multipure's filter systems are among the most expensive of all water filter systems
  • They are not sold in retail stores but only by authorized Multipure Independent Distributors and at
  • Their counter top systems are somewhat ugly and large